Our Quality

In order to ensure this high quality and to be verifiable, Van der Heiden Kaas has a number of certificates, such as:

BRC certificate;
IFS certificate;
Process Certificate 2;
Process Certificate 4; and the
Meadow Milk certificate.

Compliance with these certificates is regularly reviewed to ensure quality remains.

The BRC standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing companies that deliver directly to the retail sector and are strongly demanded by major retailers – especially in the Netherlands.

IFS certification, like the BRC standard, is a combination of HACCP, quality management, GMP, customer focus and various device requirements. Due to the requirements of German, French and Italian retailers, more and more Dutch suppliers are required to comply with this standard.

Process Certificates 2 and 4 are showing the high-quality process for refining and packing semi-hard cheese. In addition, conditioned transport of wheels and packed cheeses.

The Meadow Milk Logo guarantees that the dairy milk products are made of meadow milk. This milk is collected separately and processed into daily fresh dairy products, including cheese. The Grazing Foundation guarantees the production process, the required transportation and the use of the meadow milk. The logo is available to manufacturers who meet the relevant terms.

By constantly working at ​​delivering an optimal product, Van der Heiden Kaas guarantees superior quality.

Quality Certificates

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