Our Story

From traditional cheese trade to international wholesale

For many generations, the Van der Heiden family was making cheese on an traditional basis. The cheese maker from Stolwijk was famous for its excellent quality cheese, the Stolkse Boeren. Stolwijk, surrounded by peatlands, is well-known as a perfect place for farmers cheese.

In 1973, Gijs van der Heiden started buying cheeses from various farmers from the vicinity of Stolwijk, which he ripened to create a special taste.

Meanwhile, Van der Heiden Kaas has grown from traditional cheese trade to international wholesaler, supplier of multiple brands and exporter. With great care and knowledge, in Bodegraven (NL) thousands of cheeses are ripened in the large, modern, conditioned cheese warehouse on the Beneluxweg. The average storage of cheese is 1,200 to 1,300 tonnes.

Passion for quality!

Van der Heiden Kaas considers the quality of products to be of great value.This quality is reflected in all aspects of cheese production; from making cheese in a traditional way, storing, ripening on taste, treating, to a high-quality delivery.

High quality is guaranteed by a solid and well thought quality system that meets national and international requirements. Our brands are distributed worldwide, which means we have to be updated on all legislation in the field of food safety and labeling of the various countries.

Besides quality control, quality improvement is another ongoing process that is key to our quality system. The quality of our processes and products are monitored constantly and – in case this monitoring shows possibility of improvement – improvement models are applied to increase quality for an extended period.

Because of continuous compliance to these guidelines we are able to guarantee the best quality.

Delicate process requires high-quality knowledge
Carefully turned over by hand and tasted on a regular basis the ripening of cheeses is a delicate process. The great skill, built over the decades, is reflected in the quality of ripening of the cheeses. Thereby Van der Heiden Kaas has grown into a leading cheese ripening company, which strongly supports the traditional approach with great craftsmanship. However, when it improves the process, Van der Heiden Kaas will optimize parts of the process by using robots.

Global delivery
The cheeses ripened and prepared for sale by Van der Heiden Kaas are exported worldwide. The family company is looking for a number of parties for long-term cooperation, to import, promote and distribute a part of the wide range of his products, in each exporting country. By building a good relationship with a solid and reliable representative, the communication lines are short. In addition, knowledge and information are regularly exchanged. The advantage for the partner over there is the fact he can exclusively distinguish himself with the high quality and special Dutch cheeses from Van der Heiden Kaas.